Whose angst, Obama?

Quoth President Obama at the Stonewall commemoration event today (via): "Someday, I'm confident, we'll look back at this transition and ask why it generated such angst..."

And I agree. Only I don't think he meant it the same way I do.

Because yes, President Obama, someday we'll look back at this time from a perspective where equality is the law EVERYWHERE in this nation. And yes, we will be asking why there was such angst over it. But not because we'll be looking back at our younger selves and shaking our heads, saying "Why were we gays so angsty over all of it? Silly us, to be so upset over it all!" We'll be asking, "Why was there such angst in the Obama Administration over such simple steps they could have taken? Why was there no administrative halt to the dismissals of LGBT servicemembers under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and a complete lack of leadership or pressure to get a legislative repeal passed through Congress? Why did the Obama Administration file that hateful DOMA brief that compared gay marriages to incest and pedophilia? Why did the candidate of Hope! and Change! promise to be a "fierce advocate" for the LGBT community, then leave us twisting in the wind as soon as he was in office?"

States are legalizing gay marriage right and left. More than two-thirds of Americans support a repeal of DADT. The Obama Administration swept into office alongside a near-supermajority of Democrats in Congress. LGBT equality is referred to as the civil rights issue of our time. The homomentum is building and the Administration is perfectly poised to take advantage of its mandate from the people...and yet, still, the Obama Administration sits with its thumb up its ass, makes weak excuses about being required to defend DOMA (it's not; Dubya, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Reagan all declined to defend in court federal laws with which they disagreed), and punts DADT questions with "It's up to Congress!" while not even endorsing the Military Readiness Enhancement Act that would legislatively repeat DADT.

So yes, President Obama, someday we'll look back on this and ask "why the angst?" But it's not our angst we'll be wondering about. It's yours.


Tranny-Alert.com: Hey, transphobic murderers, we've marked your targets for you!

This isn't even just a WTF. This is an "Are you fucking kidding me?" This is a "What the flying fluffy fuck on a flaming stack of fuck?"

Via Gudbuytjane on Feministing Community, I found out today about a site called Tranny Alert, a site which collects and publishes member-submitted photos of drag queens and women suspected to be trans. They encourage their members: "Remember, if you spot a tranny: snap your fingers, snap a pic, and e-mail those photos to: mayday@tranny-alert.com !"

Because, you know, it's totally not dangerous to be outed as a transwoman. Just ask Angie Zapata (beaten to death by her boyfriend, who later called her "it" in statements from jail), or Duanna Johnson (discovered shot in Memphis a few weeks after suing the Memphis police department for the abuse she suffered at their hands), or Gwen Araujo (beaten and strangled at the age of 17 after some male classmates discovered she still had male genitalia), or any of the other 350 trans people on the Remembering Our Dead list, all of whom were murdered for daring to live as the gender they were and not the sex they were born (and the many more who have died in such a manner but are not on the list).

Tranny Alert claims to be "admiring" the transwomen it outs, of course. Their disclaimer reads: This site is in no way meant to disparage or belittle any member of the LGBT community. We here at Tranny Alert are simply admirers of the bravery and uniqueness of the entire trans-community. While there is a comedic element to our site, under no circumstance do we condone any mistreatment of any member of the LGBT community and support full and equal rights for all. For more information please visit the National Center for Transgender Equality at http://www.nctequality.org/.

You know what? The folks at Operation Rescue and other rabid anti-choice organizations were only "providing information" on abortion providers, and as soon as Dr. Tiller was murdered, they piled over each other to proclaim their innocence and insist that they would never condone such violence, never! But they provided the rhetoric, and the information, and their actions helped a man kill. And in a world where "trans panic" is still considered a viable defense strategy when a cis man kills a trans woman, in a world where only about half of U.S. states have hate-crimes legislation or non-discrimination statutes that include protection for gender identity, in a world where politicians are perfectly comfortable painting a trans-inclusive federal hate crimes act as "pedophile's rights", taking and posting photos of women someone thinks are trans is equivalent to painting a target on their backs, whether they're actually trans or not.

To the sick fucks behind TrannyAlert: trans women's lives are not a joke. They are not props for your website, toys for your fetish. Your casual and continual use of the offensive term "tranny" dehumanizes the women you claim to admire. Even if we take your disclaimer at face value and assume that you really do "admire" trans women, that you would never harm one or advocate that someone else do so, we live in a world where there are all too many who would. Stop outing these women. Stop endangering their lives. They deserve better.


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