Sorry, all.  Meant to be back posting on Tuesday, but it's been a shitty week.  It seems I take longer to recuperate after a socially-intense four-day trip than I thought?  Yeah anyway.  Giving myself through the weekend for genuine mental health time (as opposed to flogging myself for not posting OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING CHECKING TUMBLR FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME TODAY YOU HAVE POSTS TO WRITE - strangely enough, that doesn't actually help me recover faster) and will hopefully be back in full form come Monday. 

(Of course, now that I've said this, tomorrow will be awesome and I'll be posting left right and center and be able to queue posts for all through next week by Sunday night.  Because that's just how my life is right now.  >.< /self-pity)

Love and light, hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  See you Monday.


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