Today In "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!"

Continuing their obstinate refusal to actually do a single damn thing about the deplorable state of the economy and job market, despite campaigning on a job-creation platform, House Republicans spent $215,000 of our tax dollars yesterday to pass a non-binding resolution "reaffirming In God We Trust as the US's national motto."

The measure passed 396-9.

Of course it did.

I guess "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, one), the unofficial motto that has graced the national seal since the 18th century, wasn't good enough; we have to make sure the whole world knows that the Many and the One are CHRISTIAN GODDAMNIT.  Whether they/we actually are or not appears to be irrelevant. 

Personally, I'd rather trust in concrete solutions than a four-word talisman.  But whatever panders to your right-wing base floats your boat, I guess.


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