More Fun With We The People

Call me a glutton for punishment, but I do still occasionally sign petitions on the White House's We The People site - mostly for the frustratainment* value when I get silly non-responses like these:

On a petition calling on the White House to support changing the national motto back from "In God We Trust" to E Pluribus Unum (which was the de facto motto prior to the 1950's, McCarthyism, and Godless Commies as the Face of Evil), in order to promote actual inclusivity of all Americans over monotheistic-deistic-religious-supremacy:  "Lol shut up we only mention nonbelievers in speeches as a token acknowledgment, we aren't actually going to do anything to reflect that you are also Americans and that a religious motto referring to capital-G singular God might not represent the actual breadth of belief/non-belief in this country.  Hurrah for religion in the public square!"

On a petition calling on the IRS to reconsider automatic tax-exempt status for churches: "Lalala we can't hear you we like churches the end."

On a petition asking the White House to officially recognize the Occupy movement and acknowledge their grievances against corporate greed as legitimate: "Yeah whatever Obama mentioned you dirty hippies in a press conference, what more do you want?  BTW banks and financial sector are our BFFs and we made a video for you that helps spin our pandering to Wall Street more effectively."

On a petition against the overreaching "anti-piracy" internet suppression bills: "We have to protect the rights and innovations of businesses!  Individuals?  What are those?  Bipartisan!  All sides!  If you have a better idea, why don't you fix it yourself?"

Oh, Obama Administration.  Never change, you status-quo-loving bipartisan-browbeater you.  (Only kidding!  Please, dear gods, CHANGE.  Stop running the government you wish you had and start dealing with the realities of the government you do have!  Actually stand up for actual progressives!  Stop pandering to people who will never vote for you!)

Question for the audience:  Is there enough lol in the lolsobbiness to keep signing petitions and posting responses?  Or am I the only one finding these funny and I should stop boring you with them?  Yay, an excuse to play around with polls!

Should I keep signing petitions on We The People and reporting the results?

And if you ever want to bring a petition to my attention, please, feel free to email me (address in the sidebar) or @ me on Twitter, @WitchWords.

*As in, it would be frustrating, if I were taking it seriously/expecting actual progress from it.  But now that I've written it off as meaningless bread-and-circuses sideshow, it becomes entertaining in a lolsobby sort of way.


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