Rick Perry Just Needs To Stop Talking

His little hate prayer rally with the AFA - an organization designated by SPLC as a hate group for their vicious lies about non-heterosexuals - is a full-on come-to-Jesus conversion event, it seems.  The event's spokesman attempted to refute the idea that their rally is exclusionary of other faiths by telling American Family Radio that people of all faiths were welcome to attend to "feel the love...of Jesus Christ", and that they wanted to convey "that there’s hope if people will seek out the living Christ." 


But that wasn't enough for Perry, who then tried to explain away his falling popularity rate in his own state (and apparently even among his Teabagger base) by saying in an interview on Faux News: "A prophet is not generally loved in their home town."

So Gov. Perry organizes a "prayer rally" by partnering with a hate group (which is also home to one of the most extreme far-right bigots in this country's media today), which has as its explicit goal "including" people of other faiths by converting them, and then tries to handwave away his unpopularity by declaring himself a fucking prophet?

Please, Rick Perry.  Just...stop talking.  It'll be better for everyone that way.


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