PSA: On "Fluffy"

Do not EVER
refer to fat people as "fluffy".
Fluffy is a thing that small poofly dogs and kittens and ducklings are.  
It is sometimes a thing that a person's hair might be, depending on the humidity.
It is NOT
a fucking descriptor
for my goddamn body.
It makes it sound like you think my fat is made of whipped cream or something equally stupid.
And maybe it's just me?
But it's the sort of descriptor that inherently casts fat as negative
by awkwardly being "cutesy" dancing around it
And also it implies
(and again this could just be me)
that my fat is just the "fluff" surrounding my actual body.
Like it's pillow stuffing filling up my skin
and if you took it out I would be skinny.  Like it's that easy.
Newsflash: my body is fucking fat.  Fat is the state of my physical being.  Fat is not this separate thing that rides around with me.  It is part of me.  There is no skinny girl inside me trying to get out.  There is just me.  And I will fucking end you if you imply otherwise.  I have no patience for that shit.
So just be aware that violating the terms of this PSA in my presence will result in immediate evisceration.
Verbal if you're out of reach.
But if you're within reach, I make no promises.
Have a nice day.


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