This Is The Christian Moral High Ground

I'm writing this while wearing my pajamas.  Oh no!  I'm a pajama-wearing blogger!  Please be sure to not take me seriously, ok?  Just kidding.  On to the post:

When Constance McMillen won her case against Iwatumba Agricultural High School, and the judge ruled that the school could not bar her from taking her girlfriend to prom, the judge chose not to force the school to un-cancel prom, because there were already plans in place for a private, parent-run prom, which the school swore up down and sideways would include an invitation for Constance and her girlfriend.  See, judge?  It's totally just like the regular prom would be and we promise we're not doing this parent-sponsored prom just to get out of having the nasty gayyyz at our prom.

Only the prom Constance was invited to?  Was not the actual prom.  It was a fake prom, with a total of seven kids in attendance (including two developmentally-disabled students who apparently also were "unfit" to participate in the real prom), while the real prom went on somewhere else. 

So a whole bunch of "Christian" adults just taught their teenage kids that it's perfectly ok to lie (both to the court, as the school and parents' groups did, and to Constance's own face, as did some of her classmates when she asked for info about the prom), sneak around behind peoples' backs, and pull dirty, nasty, hateful tricks like this, so long as it's because God said to hate them.  You have got to be fucking shitting me.  Why is it that I, a filthy godless heathen, have a better grasp of their deity's philosophy of "love thy neighbor" and "do good to those who hurt you" and "whatsoever you do unto the least of these, you do also to me" than do the very people who said deity charged with exemplifying His love in the world?

And that's not even getting into the two developmentally-disabled students who were shunted off to the fake prom.  Where in the Bible, exactly, does it say that being born with learning difficulties makes you unworthy of being treated decently? 

I hope these cruel, backwards fuckers still have the capacity to feel shame somewhere deep in their twisted, shriveled little hearts.  I hope the knowledge of their immature schoolyard cruelty torments them for the rest of their sad, closeminded little lives.  And I hope Constance and her girlfriend and the other students who were labeled "unwanted" by their schoolmates and administrators and the families in the town find ways out of that hateful place and on to towns and cities and schools and lives where they will be treated with kindness and dignity, as every person deserves.


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