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You're a person with an important message that you are working to get out to the world.

So why are you doing something that keeps your message away from people who may really need or want to hear it?

I'm talking about video posts without transcripts.  I understand that videos are a great way to literally speak to Your People, more immediate than the written word, giving them a face and a voice to connect to in a way that doesn't come across as easily in plain text.  And we don't all have a gift for the written word - you may be at your best when you can just speak to someone directly.  And that's wonderful!  Do what you do the best way you can do it.  Absolutely.

But what about members of your tribe who are Deaf or hard of hearing?  Without a transcript, especially if they don't lip-read well (and even if they do, lip-reading can be fiendishly difficult in person, much less in a video on the internet), your video is just a bunch of you staring into a camera.  The message is lost.

Or perhaps some of your people have learning/cognitive disabilities that make auditory processing difficult.  They can hear your message, but they won't absorb more than a fraction of it.

Even for people who don't have disabilities impacting their ability to gain meaning from your videos, there can be other circumstances that interfere.  Someone who only has time to read your blog while they're at work, and they can't have anything with sound on, who might bookmark your post to watch later and then forget (I know I've been guilty of that many a time!), for example.

When you just post a video with no transcript, no accompanying text, you lose chances to make an impact on the people who seek you out.  And that's not what you want.  (It's not what they want, either, believe me.)

But transcription is time-consuming and, if we're being honest about it, kind of a pain in the ass.  You're busy helping people and changing the world; you don't have time to spend on that!

I do.  

I've had a decent amount of practice in translating audio-visual input to text form, capturing not only the exact words, but the feel of the video as well.  (Snarky commentary not included; don't worry, I'll reserve that for skewering right-wingers here on my own blog.)   And I'd like to put that to work in helping you make sure your message is accessible to everyone who finds you.

I want to keep this service as low-cost as possible - I would rather make less, if it means greater accessibility for more people.  So my pricing is as follows:

$5 for a video under 10 minutes,
$10 for a video between 10-20 minutes,
+$10 per 10 minutes beyond that.  (Email me for a custom invoice)

Choose your video length from the dropdown menu and click "Buy Now" to be taken to PayPal, where you can add your video's URL and any special instructions before completing your payment.

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