My apologies for not posting all week - I have been in the grips of a very dense "grey fog" type of depression, wherein everything is boring and nothing is interesting, even the things I intellectually know and remember loving to do, like blogging, writing, gaming, etc, and I have no energy and no willpower to get shit done with.  And it's been compounded by a constant barrage of fucking horrible news that I just have not had the energy to write about.

So as an apology, kitteh!

[video description: Mara, a small calico tabby shorthaired cat, lays across my laptop's keyboard, biting at a large bag of Cheetos laying beside the computer, which rustles pleasingly.  I laugh and ask "Are you having fun with that, sweetie?"  She pauses to lick her paw, then returns to chewing on the bag.  "Yeah?  You're enjoying trying to destroy my snack?"  She ignores me.  "Rawr."  More nomming, holding the bag down with one paw, as I pan out a little so you can see all of her.  "So we've taken over my entire computer, and we're trying to destroy the bag I'm trying to eat out of.  She's very - " Mara suddenly gets a good grip on the bag and starts to stand up and back away across my keyboard with it.  "Oh!  Oh.  Where are you going with that?  Hey, hey, hey.  No.  You can't go anywhere with that, give it back."  I pull it out of her mouth and set it back down, where she promptly returns to chewing on it.  "Yeah, no.  That's not for you, kitty-cat."]

She loves to sit on my keyboard whenever I will let her.  I've stood up to go do other stuff for awhile, and come back to find her snoozing on my computer, with the screen showing a dialog box asking if I want to allow some program to make changes to my computer!  She's also helpfully tried to write blog posts for me. Thankfully I've always caught it before she hits "publish", but if a nonsensical post of random text strings pops up one of these days, it's entirely her fault.  I let her keep hanging out on there anyway, both because it's so cute, and because she gets cranky with me when I try to stop her...

[video description: my hand, hovering over my keyboard, with Mara leaning on it with both front legs wrapped around my wrist as she bites my hand.  "Ow, ow, ow!"  She stops and untangles herself to sit next to my keyboard; I leave my hand hanging there to stop her in case she tries again.  "This is what happens when I try to stop her from stepping on my keyboard.  She tries to step over my arm, and then when I don't let her do it, she starts biting."  I pan the camera over to focus on Mara, who is now busy grooming her chest and belly.  "Of course, you would just completely fail to provide a demonstration of this, now that I have the thing going."  I nudge her side a little bit with my knuckles, and she immediately whips around to face my hand and clamps right back on, biting.  "Ack!  Oh god.  Ow.  Apparently poking it was all that was necessary!"  She chews on my fingers a few more times.  "You're so cute."  She decides she's done eating my hand and re-untangles herself, giving my fingers a last couple of licks before turning away.  "Yes, I'm sure I has a flavor."]

Maybe next weekend I'll see if I can get the video of her chasing her tail on the bed posted for y'all.  Until then, have a good weekend, keep fighting the good fight, and hopefully I'll have some more substantive content for y'all this week.


Sonneillon said...

D'aaaaw, KITTY!

Jadelyn said...

>^_^< (my sad attempt at an ASCII kitty-face, lol)

Erin Smith said...

My husband's cat who passed away last summer was a complete cheeto fiend lol... he just wanted the cheese powder, then you got to step in slobber coated cheeto later. I blame his mother, she was a cheeto fiend too and if you left them out she would eat entire bags. And then groom her kitten. Until he turned into a brown tabby and orange instead of his natural brown tabby and white color. He also loved cheez-its. He was an excellent cat full of amusing little quirks hehe.

Course, I think ALL cats come with pre-installed quirks. We have one who, given half a chance, will LIVE on top of the fridge. Another who has to take fiber twice a day and has decided the ideal response to this indignity is to go completely limp and floppy and stare at you like you're a monster lol. And my baby... he thinks he's both female and an intact tom cat (he is neither... but he tries to nurse any kittens in reach, and if there is an intact female in the house, he'll try to mate with her lol), and some of his favorite treats are popsicles, watermelon, bok choy, orange kool-aid, caramel, marshmallow and sweetened coconut... you have to close the door to eat any of those things or he'll try to take them away LOL. And then there is our biggest cat, who apparently thinks he is a guinea pig... he sleeps in the guinea pig carrier (imagine a 17lb cat wedging himself into a carrier intended for a couple of 2lb guinea pigs... usually upside down) and if you don't remember to close the canister where their pellets are kept, he'll raid it and eat them. We've given up keeping him out of the hay, if he can't get to the bale he'll stick his paws into the cage and snag it that way even when the guinea pigs bite him to see what cat paws taste like lol.

Jadelyn said...

Oh, wow...cats have such personality.  I mean, dogs do too, but cats reach epic levels of quirk.  I've known cats who were earlobe-nursers, cats who refuse to jump down from sleeping-spots and would stand and cry until you came and played "elevator" for them, cats who play fetch...silly beasties.  My mom's cats refuse to touch actual turkey or chicken when she roasts a bird, but they love turkey lunchmeat.  o.O  I love the non-violent protest in response to fiber doses...I only *wish* Mara went limp!  She's a wriggler and tries to get away when she needs to be dosed with anything.  Not violently, thank goodness, but it makes things a lot more difficult!


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