Today In "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!"

Continuing their obstinate refusal to actually do a single damn thing about the deplorable state of the economy and job market, despite campaigning on a job-creation platform, House Republicans spent $215,000 of our tax dollars yesterday to pass a non-binding resolution "reaffirming In God We Trust as the US's national motto."

The measure passed 396-9.

Of course it did.

I guess "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, one), the unofficial motto that has graced the national seal since the 18th century, wasn't good enough; we have to make sure the whole world knows that the Many and the One are CHRISTIAN GODDAMNIT.  Whether they/we actually are or not appears to be irrelevant. 

Personally, I'd rather trust in concrete solutions than a four-word talisman.  But whatever panders to your right-wing base floats your boat, I guess.


ladyneeva said...

My husband suggests that they only did this because it was quicker than renaming post offices (which is what they were doing last month I guess).

Jadelyn said...

...renaming post offices?  My, my, they're certainly scraping the bottom of the "look busy!" barrel, aren't they?

ladyneeva said...

Yep. Not sure where my husband read it (probably CNN or BBC those are his two go-to sites I think) but apparently they spent some time just renaming post offices recently. Now there's an excellent use of our tax dollars!

CaitieCat said...

Look, little lady, it's not like those post offices are going to rename themselves!

CaitieCat said...

Whew!  I was so worried about the motto, it sure displaced the lack of jobs, the endemic neofeudalism, anthropogenic climate change, and the toilet-swirling economy from my cares and troubles!  Thank goodness for Congress, and its sense of the things that are truly important to USans. 

Jadelyn said...

Inorite?  Fiddling while Rome burns is *absolutely* the most important thing!


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