What Will You Remember?

Blogger earlgreyrooibos on Feminocracy has a post up called What This Woman Is Going To Remember, about her memorable experiences of this election cycle.  Head over and check it out.  In the meantime, I thought I'd post my own "What This Woman Is Going To Remember" list.  In no real order:

1. Going "Barack who?" the first time I heard Obama's name, back during the primaries.  
2. Flopping on Girlfriend's couch with her and Boyfriend for the first presidential debate, glasses of wine in hand, after our Mabon feast...and the drinking game that ensued.  (We drank on maverick, POW, terrorist, nukyuler, elitist, and uppity.)
3. Wanting to throw things at the TV every time Obama did his song-and-dance about abortion being "...between a woman, her family, her doctor, and God."  No, you pandering douchehound, abortion is between a woman and whoever the fuck SHE SAYS it is.  Her.  Her doctor, cause she's gotta have someone perform it for her.  AND NOBODY ELSE UNLESS SHE DECIDES OTHERWISE.  Her family is not entitled to be involved.  And for the love of fuck, enough with the Christonormativity!  
4. Wanting to throw things at the TV every time Obama did his song-and-dance about gay marriage and how he "personally doesn't believe in gay marriage."  Believe me, you pandering fuckneck, gay marriage exists whether you believe in it or not.  Don't you dare start dismissing the LGBT community just because you assume we're a "safe" voter bloc.
5. Going "Palin who?" when Mamana told me McCain had picked his VP, then the searing outrage at his blatant attempt to court the "Vagina Vote".
6. The "That One" moment at the second debate, and the immediate response on Shakesville of "This one is voting for that one!"
7. McCain's "women's health" moment.  I hate that smug jackass.  My health exists, thank you very much.  WITHOUT scare quotes.
8. Obama Waffles, the Not Sarah Palin blowup doll, and the fact that Shakesville's "Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/Scary Black Dude Watch" reached 98 entries and "Clinton Sexism Watch" reached 110 entries, showing right out in the open how truly racist and sexist this country still is.
9. Being terrified, on a day-to-day basis, of Prop 8 and how close the race has been this whole time.  It is going to turn my world upside down and rip huge chunks out of the foundation of my identity as a proud Californian if that vile bit of garbage passes tomorrow.
10. Having it suddenly hit me just the other day, what a milestone this is.  Someone other than an old white man who inherited his wealth and power is a serious contender on a major ticket for the Presidency of this nation.  How fucking cool is that?

What will you remember?

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