Wednesday WTF: Religious Reality TV

Note: I've always liked the idea of doing regular features. So this is the start of my Wednesday WTF series, which will be a collection of the recent events, stories, and experiences that have made me stop and go WTF.

You know this joke, right? It goes: A rabbi, an imam, a priest and a Buddhist monk walk into a TV studio... Well, I haven't made up a punchline yet, but the story (via) supplies it for me pretty nicely. A Turkish TV station is planning a new reality show wherein the aforementioned religious officials each try to convert ten atheists, who have all been pre-screened for genuine lack of belief by a "team of theologians", on-camera. The converts will win a trip to their new religion's holy land: Mecca, the Vatican, Jerusalem or Tibet. WTF? So you "pre-screen" people to make sure they really don't believe in god (because, y'know, it's totes impossible that someone could lie about that), and then you let a few religiony dudes have at them, and if they can get the atheists to say "Ok, I'm in!" the newly-religious wins a free vacation (albeit one with supposed religious significance)?

Oh, yeah. Totally no potential for lying, cheating, and abuse of the "system" in this. All the "converts" are gonna be 110% truly converted and committed to their new faith, yep yep. Because NOBODY would even THINK to profess faith they don't feel when it'll get them a free trip. Not to mention, where exactly is the entertainment factor in this? Seriously, who finds it entertaining to watch people get preached at? WTF?


CaitieCat said...

who finds it entertaining to watch people get preached at?

At a guess, I'd say rabbis, imams, priests and monks? :)

WitchWords said...

Well, at least the ones involving themselves in this farce... >.<


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