The Bizarro-World of Anti-Gay Activists

So Prop H8 finally goes to federal trial this month. And there was the discussion of whether or not to allow the trial to be televised; federal cases usually aren't, but they've begun to allow televising of non-criminal trials recently, and since the Prop H8 case affects the lives of so many, wouldn't televising it be a good thing? Transparency of the courts and all that. Well, we got a partial ok on it; the judge has conditionally allowed proceedings to be filmed and posted online the next day, but not broadcast live.

Of course, there was no question about it not being televised, until the pro-H8 bigots spoke up and asked for cameras to be barred. Their excuse? They fear a backlash against their bigotry from same-sex marriage supporters. Apparently we were so mean to them after the election they're scared to testify if they have to do it publicly. What they really mean is, they don't want their bigotry exposed for what it really is.

But what got me was, they're afraid of us. Let me say that again. Anti-gay bigots, people who actively strive to take away the rights of hundreds of thousands of people (millions if you're counting nationally, not just here) and have us legally designated as second-class citizens in a variety of ways, people who compare gays to pedophiles and donkey-fuckers, whose rhetoric incites hate and violence against our communities here and the world over...THEY'RE afraid of US? Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of bizarro-world do they live in, where the super powerful Ebil Gays are oppressing the poor, righteous Christians for daring merely to speak their hateful beliefs? I bet it's the same world O'Reilly and the War On Christmasers live in, where black is white and up is down and Christians in America are just so, so persecuted.

If they're so convinced they're Doing The Right Thing For Society, they should damn well have pride in their work and be willing to do it in the public view. And yet they're not, instead claiming victimization by the people they're trying to oppress in a pathetic attempt to hide their bigotry from scrutiny. Somehow, that just doesn't add up, does it?


The Ex said...

.... wait, so we're *not* supposed to use this as a way to know who the bloody tossers are? Bugger... and here I was thinking it was our bloody turn to strike fear into their fucking hearts.

Can we just strike a little, itty bitty fear into them? It feels mighty good, it does. :-D

rebelleink said...

came here from Shakesville, love the post. And you're right, the cameras barred thing makes no sense.

Vanessa Lynne said...

yep, this is typical B.S. from the Religious Reich Wing. When they whine and complain about being persecuted by the Politically Correct Commie Pinko Satan Worshipping Queer Feminazis, what they really mean is that they are not being allowed to persecute US as much as they would like to.

Yes, it is very Bizarro and Orwellian. Yet they still continue to do it, and enough gullible rubes still believe it.


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