Irony. They Has It.

This is a real thing in the world.  A shirt, which has a heart, a cross, and a gun on it, under which are the words "Pro Life/Pro God/Pro Gun".  
Please tell me I am not the only person who sees the screaming irony of this...because when I was searching CafePress for abortion-related items, and this came up, I laughed so hard my desk was shaking.  

For the record, ProLifeProGodProGun people?  Guns were created for the express purpose of ending lives.  It is therefore fucking HILARIOUS when you proudly proclaim yourselves to be both pro-life and pro-gun in the same breath, to those of us with a sense of logic.  Oh, and also.  That Jesus dude?  Was a pacifist for the most part.  Not big on ending lives.  So being pro-God and pro-gun is also pretty funny.  Just so you know.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from your resident Snarky Witch.  Carry on.

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