New Commenting!

Since Blogger's comments didn't want to play nice with my template, and I also wanted the ability to have threaded comments and better moderation options and such, I decided to add Disqus comments to my blog today.  It was between IntenseDebate and Disqus, and I'll admit I made the purely selfish decision to go with Disqus because I have a longer history with my Disqus profile than my ID profile and would rather link that to this blog.

However, it also takes logins from OpenID and (I believe) from Twitter, and if I got it set right, it will still allow anonymous commenting as well, so you don't have to make a new profile in order to continue commenting. 

Enjoy the new commenting system, and let me know if there are any problems with it!


CaitieCat said...

Heh...hi! I like this much better. :)

Jadelyn said...

Lol, me too.


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