Hey, U.S. Government - Can Has Consistency, Plz?

Listen, Congress, either married same-sex couples are married, or they aren't.  You can't treat them both ways.  Not even DOMA lets you do that.  So what the fuck is up with this proposed rule change to make the same-sex spouses of Congresspersons subject to the same scrutiny as other-sex spouses of Congresspersons, when they're treated by the federal government as not married in every other way???  It is NOT okay to saddle married gays and lesbians with the downsides of marriage if you're not ALSO giving them the benefits of that state!  I know politics and politicians are notoriously hypocritical, but even that isn't usually *this* blatant.


TheDeviantE said...

"Flames, flames on the side of my face"

Jadelyn said...

Lol, indeed.


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