Epic Quote of the Day

During the debate on Florida's abortion ultrasound bill (which, despite Dem efforts to block it from coming to a vote, got brought and voted on and passed Friday), Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, said the following:

Members, we constantly hear that this chamber is all about small government. The only thing this body has proven in the last six years is how this Legislature defines small government — six years ago this Legislature wanted government so small that it could fit down a tube into an individual woman's throat named Terri Schiavo; this decade we have shown time and again that you want government so small that it can fit under someone's bedroom door; and members, this year you are showing that you want government so small that it could fit between a woman's leg and into her uterus. It's not the small government that anyone wants.  

I have never heard it put so beautifully, so succinctly.  I want to send this man flowers.  This is what we have been saying again and again: Republicans claim to want "small government", except for when it comes to interfering in the lives of people who are making choices they disagree with.  And that's not small government at all.  That's hypocrisy.


BrianWS said...

I'm not even sure "EPIC" does that quote any justice.

When I read your headline, I figured it was going to be disappointing and infuriating. Quite the opposite -- that's blubcity in that quote, right there.

Brilliantly put, but unfortunately likely to be lost on those who actually need the lesson.

Jadelyn said...

Lol, yeah. Epic in the good sense this time. ;-) I just love when someone *gets it* so perfectly like this.

Sadly, you're probably right. This comment likely got caught in the Republicans' "What disagrees with me does not exist" filter and thus they never even really heard it.

BrianWS said...

Still, this is definitely the kind of quote to bookmark for days when things feel overwhelming. It's always nice to have a place to go and look and remember that there are good people out there who GET IT and who understand this. I've never heard of this guy before, but I hope to hear from him again in the future, because he sounds like a great ally.

Maud said...

Epic, indeed. It's great to have one of those infrequent moments of, "Wow . . a politician who gets it!, even though it's sad that we need them.

Jadelyn said...

If only they ALL *got it* so well, y'know?


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