FRC: Projecting So Hard, You Could Point Them At A Screen And Show Powerpoints!

Via Right Wing Watch, my favorite source for tracking the Religious Wrong's antics, comes this prayer directive from Family Research Council.  They're all whiny about the one-year anniversary of "Obamacare" and making dire promises that God is about to destroy America, no really, he's THISCLOSE now guys, any day now that fire's gonna rain down, I mean it this time...yeah, whatever.  And then there's this bit about the fight over defunding Planned Parenthood:
May God grant our House leaders courage and conviction to defend Life at any cost. May He stir consciences in the Senate and bring an unexpected miracle. May pro-abortion liberals fail in their effort to deceive America, and if a "shutdown" occurs, may they get the blame (Ex 9:13; Dt 31:6-8; Josh 23:6-9; Is 41:14-16; Jn 8:9; Eph :11-13).
When one uses phrases like "Republicans ought to draw a line in the sand," and throws the blame on the other side, for refusing to give into one's demands and let one run over them unopposed...I rather think the "other side" is not the problem. 

Dear FRC: Our side is not the one threatening shutdown.  I thought bearing false witness was against your moral code, yes?  Perhaps you should stop projecting your desires for victory "at any cost" and praying that the left takes the fall for the shutdown you people engineered, if it comes to that. 

PS:  You know one group of people that gets totally fucked in a government shutdown?  Military members and their families.  You know.  That group you venerate as the pinnacle of American valor (*cough* and try to speak for as if they are a monolithic mass *cough*) and use as a club to browbeat anyone who dares oppose America's militarism with the accusation that we are "not supporting the troops"?  Maybe you could try supporting the troops, by not making extremist demands and refusing to give so much as an inch from them even in the face of a government shutdown, hmm?  If nothing else, do it for the soldiers, you heartless fuckbags.

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