Like the Grinch, Only Worse

Because the Grinch *had* a heart, even if it was a tiny shriveled little thing, and it was *able* to grow three sizes that day.  Whereas Roger Schlafly, son of the infamous Phyllis "I'm going to make it big and get rich by making a career out of telling other women they shouldn't have careers - oh and getting married means your husband has a right to your body at all times" Schlafly, cannot possibly have even a shred of a heart left in his body at all.

Because if you have a heart, you do not attack mandatory reporting laws designed to protect children from abuse.  Period.  Much less referring to mandatory reporting as "snitching" and saying that such laws "turn us into a nation of snitches".  And you sure as fuck don't claim that mandatory reporting laws are an "attack on the autonomy of the American family". 

Cause if your family's "autonomy" includes the right to choose to cover up crimes against children which would be violated by mandatory reporting laws, you do not deserve to have a family, nor do you deserve autonomy at all.  Period.


Loran Hills said...

Yesterday I read an article on BBC news, not US, of course, that we have the highest child abuse stats of the Western world. Something we can really be proud of.

Jadelyn said...

How awful.  That's what happens when you systematically underfund and dismantle the social safety net.  And of course you won't hear it reported on our news; it might tarnish our inflated ego a bit.  Ugh. 


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