Apologies for my absence, but LOOK IT'S AN ADORABLE KITTY!

Sorry I've been away, dearloves!  It's a bit of a long story, but the short version is, I enlisted my mom's help to do some massive decluttering and housecleaning, which took a full week of working every day at least half the day, starting the day after Thanksgiving and going through the next weekend (I swear, I think we hauled at least two dozen black trash bags of stuff out of this place, between trash and Goodwill donations!).  The reason?  Ozz and I decided to get a kitty, talked to our landlord about altering our no-pets lease, and the end result of all this work (the house needed to be made safe for a kitteh; there was far too much clutter and junk in corners that a cat could get into trouble with and which could've hid spiders or other nasties) came home with us Wednesday night:
She-Who-Has-Not-Yet-Been-Named, a mostly-white calico cat w/orange-brown and grey tabby patches, curled up on the bed with her front paws over her tiny little face
She's almost a year old but still quite petite, with a purr like a good-sized motor that starts up as soon as you touch her or sometimes even talk to her.  She's a snuggler, too:
SWHNYBN laying on her back across my lap, sleeping with her head pillowed on my arm and a paw resting on my laptop while I tried to work around her

My fiance Ozz, laying down and smiling at the camera with SWHNYBN draped across his chest looking half-asleep
So!  There's my excuse for being gone the past couple weeks.  And a very cute little excuse she is, too.  As she settles in and my routine re-stabilizes, expect to start hearing from me again - I have Things To Say about Obama's Plan B fuckery, the bullying of a Pagan child by his teachers, and a potential "atheist license plate tax" in Georgia, among other things.  Hope everyone's holiday season (if you are celebrating anything this time of year, anyway) is going well thus far! 

PS: I am perfectly open to doing regular or semi-regular Doses of Cute, now that I have a subject, but I don't want to spam y'all with cat pictures if you're not interested.  Would you be interested?  Let me know in comments!


Brinstar said...

I for one support the proliferation of cute animal pictures.

Welcome back to the interwebs. :-)

lanchid said...

KITTEH!!! Yes, occasional cute post to help alleviate the depression from real world crap.

Jadelyn said...

Ah, the magic of cat pictures on the internet.  Thank you and I guess SWHNYBN will be making regular appearances from now on!  ^_^ 

Kit Lynam said...

I propose SWHNYBN be renamed "Swishnibbon" as that is a kind of pronunciation of that acronym. Plus it's cute.

Teaspoon said...

I am also in favor of cute cat pictures.  Or, you know, whatever else you want to post here, since it's your place, and all. ;)

Jadelyn said...

Zomg that's adorable!  I'm fairly sure we're going to give her a "real name", but I'm also fairly sure my personal nickname for her is going to be Nibbon from now on.

Jadelyn said...

Lol, thank you for the reminder!  I am always forgetting that and getting all anxious about "but what if people DON'T LIKE THIS?" when I write posts. 

Sara said...

Jadelyn, the internet is made of cats.. why should your blog be any different?! Congrats new cat momma! :)

ladyneeva said...

Nope. No problem with kitty posts here! Congrats on your new furball!


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