9th Circuit Rules Prop H8 Unconstitutional!

An animated gif from Babylon 5, a 90's sci-fi TV show, of a maniacally grinning man with very tall hair giggling and tapping his fingertips together in excitement
It will of course be appealed, and I'm not at all certain of SCOTUS doing the right thing on this issue, but it's pretty damn exciting that we're batting 2-for-2 so far!

Also, is it even possible for political orgs to celebrate a victory WITHOUT immediately tacking on a request for more of their supporters' money?  I've so far gotten "YAY VICTORY now give us money plz" emails from AFER, Freedom to Marry, and Courage Campaign, and I'm sure I'll see at least one or two more by the end of the day.  Can't we just enjoy the moment without being milked for more cash?

Bah.  Still going to enjoy the moment.  Prop 8 Trial Tracker has the text of the decision available here, if anyone wants to read it.

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