Well If You'd Just Go Back In The Closet, This Wouldn't Be A Problem

I just love conservadouche logic.  And by "love", I mean "it makes me want to smash things and bang my head against the wall."  

So at CPAC recently, there was a bit of a dustup over the fact that GOProud, a gay conservative group, was one of the event's sponsors, and the fact that one of the speakers was kind of an asshole about that.  The ensuing discussion in the blogosphere resulted in this absolute gem of a quote, from the AFA's Bryan Fischer:

And why is it that defenders of natural marriage are always the ones who get told to shut up? If advocates for special rights for homosexuals would just shut up, this controversy would go away tomorrow.

"Well, we wouldn't have to work to actively deny you equal rights [because I would REALLY, genuinely like to know what "special rights" it is we're trying to get.  They keep saying this, but what is so "special rights" about wanting to be able to live and work and love and marry just like they do?  We're literally trying to do the exact same things they're doing.  I don't get it.] if you would just be good little queers and go back in the closet.  Then we could deny you your rights quietly, without fuss, the way we used to.  Ahh, the good old days..."


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