Unintentional Scary-Christian Irony

So everyone's been on about Repent Amarillo, to whom I will not link because they don't deserve even the minor traffic boost a small blog like myself might give them.  Use your Google-fu if you're that curious.  Short version is, they are a militant fundamentalist Christian group in Amarillo, TX, whose tactics consist of "spiritual warfare" that includes noise-ordinance-violating protests of businesses just trying to do their thing, when that thing violates their scarily fundie beliefs.  Their first target was a swinger's club; small, private, members-only, not harming anyone, consisting of all consenting adults.  They harassed the everliving fuck out of the club owners and members, took photos and license plate numbers of people coming and going, even protesting the building whenever anyone was in it, even if it was a non-related group that had just rented the place for their own event.  They made phone calls to members' employers and got people fired, ruined reputations, the whole nine yards.  And of course, the cops sat with their thumbs up their collective ass and just let it happen, declining to enforce any kind of harassment or noise statutes against RA.  The club has closed.  Now their targets include strip clubs, gay bars, pagan shops, and even a local nature park that they feel is too much of a draw to Goddess-worshipers.  

But for all that, for as terrifying as they are, I found a graphic of theirs and proceeded to laugh. my. ass. off. for like ten minutes.  It was that funny.  Here, check this out and see if anything catches your eye:

(Scary military imagery aside) Is it just me, or does that symbol on the left, over the "Army of God" bit, look like a solid-filled pentagram?  Five-pointed star, enclosed in a circle...didn't any one of these fanatically anti-pagan assholes LOOK at their fucking graphic and realize, um, hey, it looks like we've got a pentagram prominently featured on our banner...?

*wanders off giggling*


Anonymous said...

I am personally more offended by the blatant use of the Army imagery and that it trivializes the organization with their idiocy.

WitchWords said...

@Anon - I agree. For these small-time harassers to think they're on a level with *actual* military personnel is incredibly presumptuous.


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