Bryan Fischer Didn't Mean It. Except That He Does.

Remember on Friday, when I posted about Bryan Fischer's horrible "convert or go home" sentiment for Muslim/non-Christian immigrants?  I mentioned at the time that I could only use Right Wing Watch's quotes from the article, as the link to the original wasn't working, almost as if the article had been taken down...

Well, guess what?  It was.  And then it was put back up, but with the offending paragraphs scrubbed and re-written to say the exact opposite of what they originally said.  Where before, Fischer wrote that Muslim immigrants who "insist on clinging to their religion...will need to exercise their freedom of religion in a Muslim country," and that "Someone with a Muslim background who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island," now it says:
 Does this mean that folks need to convert before they immigrate? No, but at a minimum, it would mean making sure that immigrants to the United States affirm and believe in the superiority of the Judeo-Christian system of values and truth claims over alternative value systems such as sharia law.
Hmm.  That's a nice little logic pretzel you've got yourself in, Fischer/AFA.  First it was that Muslims who wish to immigrate have to convert to Christianity in order to enter, now it's "Do they have to convert?  No, but..."  And that nasty little "but" in there leads to a sentence I'm still trying to extract a coherent meaning from.  They don't have to convert...but they do have to believe in the superiority of euphemistically-phrased "Judeo-Christian values"?  You don't have to convert, but you do have to believe my religion is superior before I'll let you in my clubhouse.  How incredibly asinine.  Also, can you stop with the "Judeo-Christian" euphemism?  We all know you mean fundamentalist Christianity.  You're only adding "Judeo" on there to make it look a little less sectarian, and it's not fooling anyone.

Since this is the third time so far this year that the AFA has had to take down and scrub Fischer's articles (the other two times were for claiming Native Americans "deserved" colonization and nearly being wiped-out for not converting to Christianity, and for criticizing welfare programs as promoting African-American families who "rut like rabbits"), perhaps they should, I dunno, stop giving him a platform to spew his bullshit from?  Let him get his own damn blog like the rest of us, where he can be one more ranty bastard in the sea of ranty bastards that is blogging, without having the title of Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association and the media reach that goes with it.  After all, these censorings aren't going to stop him.  Bryan Fischer means every word he writes [link goes to video of Fischer pontificating].  If the AFA isn't willing to stand by that, it's time to cut him loose like the offensive, loose-cannon liability he is.


VijiiS said...

That any one person can be so ignorant is beyond me.

You know what I bet? I bet one of the reasons he hates sharia law (which NO ONE is trying to institute in the US) is because it imposes Muslim religious values on the people who are under it. That he can't see the sheer irony makes me very, very sad.

Jadelyn said...

I said something to that effect fairly recently. It's like, when it comes to people enforcing their religious values on my life, Muslims are not the ones I am afraid of in this country. They're also not the ones who are *trying* to actively. So much headdesk.

But I honestly don't think they even *can* see the irony. Their worldview isn't set up for it. Sharia law = A Bad Thing. Christian Dominionism = A Good Thing. Any similarities in technique are merely coincidental. I think that's honestly how they see it.


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