Kansas Anti-Choicers Think Women Are Stupid

Kansas governor Sam Brownback (R, of course) has signed two anti-abortion bills today.  They've got the fetal pain law - it's all the rage this season, spring's hottest legislative accessory - banning abortions past 20 weeks, parental consent - both parents, in fact, so if your mom is okay with it and your dad refuses, you're fucked - changing all references to "fetus" in the state's legal code to "pwecious widdle behbeh" *cough* I mean, "unborn child", and narrating the counseling a doctor must provide a patient seeking an abortion to say "[her abortion will] “ter­mi­nate the life of a whole, sep­a­rate, unique, liv­ing human being.”"

I swear, I almost want to get pregnant and go to Kansas for an abortion, specifically so that when they let that bomb drop, I can do my best Macauley Culkin impression and freak the fuck out, all "Omg I had no idea!  You mean it's a human baby?  I thought I was going to have a litter of kittens!  A human being?  Oh, doctor, that changes my mind ENTIRELY!   And knowing that magically changes the financial and social circumstances that brought me in here in the first place, of course."  And then go to the lawmakers who voted for this shit, and the Governor too, and parade my "OMG I had no idea until you were so considerate and helpful as to inform me that I had a human being inside me!" performance all over the legislative offices.  Just to be a pain in the ass and make a spectacle of myself.  Call it performance art.

Really, I don't know what else to say that I haven't said a bazillion times before.  Women know what being pregnant means, and they know what abortions do.  That's *why* they seek them.  Termination of pregnancy is a feature, not a bug, in the abortion process.  Parental consent laws are fucking bullshit - the vast majority of young women who get pregnant *do* tell their parents, and those who don't generally have damn good reasons not to - not to mention, why is it that if she chose to have the baby, her parents couldn't force her to abort, but if she chooses to abort, her parents can override her and force her to have the baby?  Seems a little imbalanced to me.  Either the parents have the absolute right to override their progeny's medical decisions and minors must get permission for every medical decision they make - and yes, carrying a pregnancy to term is a medical decision - or they don't.  And this changing of wording from "fetus", a medically- and legally-defined term, to "unborn child", just for the warm fuzzies of it, is first of all a stupid waste of time and second of all a fucking creepy attempt at language manipulation.  It's like right-wingers use 1984 as a fucking *playbook*.

I was gonna blog about a whole bunch of other stuff today, but life got in the way.  But good news!  My partner is employed again as of Monday!  I'll blog more tomorrow, I promise. 

Until then, go fuck yourselves, anti-choicers.  And my sympathies to the women of Kansas and every other state in which this retrofuck shit has been proposed and/or passed. 


VijiiS said...

That bit about the litter of kittens made me laugh. xD

Congrats on your partner being employed!

Jadelyn said...

The litter of kittens line was basically what prompted this post. I was just being sarcastic in my head while reading about it and decided, fuck it, I wanna share this. ;-) And thank you!

CaitieCat said...

Yeah, I had this picture of you going "Oh, NOEZ! I ALREADY PROMISED THREE OF THE KITTEHZ TO MY WORKMATES!!111!11!"

Jadelyn said...

As always, you take an idea and improve on it. Lolx1000!


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