#TooMuchDoubt - RIP Troy Davis. I'm sorry we failed you.

I have been glued to the DemocracyNow.org live feed from outside the Georgia prison all day, from before the original execution time, through the eleventh-hour delay while SCOTUS reviewed, when the denial of the emergency appeal came down, and now they are saying the execution has begun.

I keep tabbing between tumblr and my Seesmic page, where my Twitter and Facebook feeds are displayed side-by-side.  And as I'm listening to the live feed and looking at the Seesmic page, I see a horrible, awful contrast:
[A screenshot of a browser page showing three columns of content, from left to right: Twitter feed, Twitter @ replies, and Facebook news feed]
I erased the name on my Facebook section because I use my legal name there and I have no desire to link my pseudonym and my legalnym, and blurred the @ replies because they're irrelevant.  I want to draw your attention to the difference between the FB feed and the Twitter feed.

Twitter is completely full of tweets about Troy Davis, many using the #TroyDavis or #TooMuchDoubt hashtags. 

Facebook is full of inanity about plans for the weekend and going out to dinner.

I want to take every single FB friend and acquaintance of mine by the shoulders and shake them.  How can you not care?  How is this not even a blip on your radar? 

I need to post something to my Facebook feed.  I don't know what.  But I can't just let that silence, that awful, banal silence, continue like that.

Troy Davis was pronounced dead at 11:08 PM, EDT.  May his God welcome his spirit home.  May his family be comforted, as much as comfort is possible in such a situation.  And may the family members of the murdered officer who called for this, encouraged this, "found solace" in this, find their grief unabated and closure escaping them for the rest of their natural fucking lives.  If you will condone the murder of a man whose guilt is far from certain, in order to get your "solace", you don't deserve it.  May your bloodlust haunt you.

Did you know, that on the coroner's certificate of death for a person executed by the injustice system, the cause of death is listed as "homicide"?

It seems fitting.


vickiea13 said...

I am wondering.  With so many courts hearing and seeing things, what are they hearing and seeing that we are not?  If every court is turning him down, when it seems so cut and dried what is it they are allowed to know that we are not?  I can see a single court, or even two, but supposedly this has gone through several, so what don't we, the public know, if anything?

Jadelyn said...

One thing  I have heard was that in later hearings, an unreasonable standard of proof of innocence was set - far higher than the "reasonable doubt" standard of the original trial - that couldn't be met.  Which seems ass-backward to me.  If we're talking about *executing* someone, shouldn't they need to prove *guilt* to an extremely high standard?

Kmumf said...

Don't want to do the time... don't do the crime... 20yrs to prove your "inocense".... sucker shoulda been put down 15yrs ago...
How much has he cost this country keeping him alive and funding his appeals...
He's had his "due process"... good riddance...


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